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Starterdeck: Pinkie Pie / Fluttershy
Beitrag: #1
vom - Starterdeck: Pinkie Pie / Fluttershy
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1x Pinkie Pie, Party Animal
2x Apple Brown Betty, Pastry Chef
3x Berry Dreams, Pom-Pom Pony
2x Big Top, Silly Pony
2x Dance Fever, Disco King
2x Flitter, Ribbon Wielder
2x High Spirits, Life Enthusiast
2x Ol' Salt, Salt Blocked
2x Hoity Toity, Vogue Authority
2x Pearly Stitch, Crotchety Crocheter
2x Rising Star, In the Spotlight
2x Noteworthy, Humdinger
2x Royal Riff, Songster
3x Sugar Twist, Twister Sister
3x Getting Hooves Dirty
1x Crème de la Crème
1x Downright Dangerous
1x Here's Your Invitation!
2x Marvelous Chapeau
2x Ridiculous Outfit
1x Rubber Chicken
2x The Ponyville Express
2x Flim
2x Purple Parasprite
1x Adventures in Foalsitting
2x Emergency Dress Order
1x I Can Fix It!
2x My Pinkie Sense is Tingling
2x Maybes are for Babies
2x Special Delivery!

1x Fluttershy, Beastmaster
2x Apple Cobbler, Headstrong
2x Auntie Applesauce, Gum Flapper
2x Granny Smith, Apple Elder
3x Igneous Rock, Pebble Pusher
2x Drill Bit, Destruction Worker
2x Red Gala, Favorite Cousin
2x Amethyst Star, Animal Leader
2x Blue Jay, Warbler
2x Forest Owl, Novice Assistant
3x House Mouse, Little Pipsqueak
2x Hummingway, Fine Feathered Friend
2x Opalescence, Curtain Shredder
2x Winona, On the Scent
3x Sweet and Kind
1x Duck and Cover
1x Nurture With Knowledge
1x Yay!
1x Critter Cuisine
2x Hard Hat
2x Too Many Bandages
2x Too Much Pie
2x Timberwolf
2x Yellow Parasprite
1x A Thorn in His Paw
2x Bunny Breakout
1x Hungry Hungry Caterpillars
2x Monster of a Minotaur
2x Runaway Cart
2x Save Sweet Apple Acres

Preis ~ 15€
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