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Themendeck: Twilight Sparkle / Applejack
Beitrag: #1
vom - Themendeck: Twilight Sparkle / Applejack
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1x Applejack, Dependable Farmpony
1x Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student
2x Apple Cobbler, Headstrong
2x Auntie Applesauce, Gum Flapper
2x Cherry Jubilee, Queen of the Hill
2x Granny Smith, Apple Elder
2x Igneous Rock, Pebble Pusher
2x Drill Bit, Destruction Worker
2x Red Gala, Favorite Cousin
2x Professor Neigh, Algebraic!
3x Comet Tail, Hale Bopper
3x Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above
2x Mayor Mare, Elected Official
2x Blue Moon, Ol' Blue Eyes
2x Lady Justice, Judge and Jury
3x Apples and Oranges
1x A Bully and a Beast
1x Double-check the Checklist
1x Duck and Cover
2x Fighting for Friendship
2x Hard Hat
2x Outshine Them All
1x Too Much Pie
2x Flim
2x Purple Parasprite
2x Avalanche!
2x I Need Answers
2x It's Alive!
1x Monitor EVERYTHING!
1x Raze This Barn
2x Runaway Cart

Preis: ~ 12€

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